We're so confident you will love your EZ Flap...

we'll offer a 30 day risk-free trial !

What could be better than our original money-back guarantee? How about a free 30 day no-risk trial !

Call us on the phone and tell us you want a 30 day free trial. Send us a check that is post-dated 30 days in advance (send a check January 1, but put a date of January 31 on the check).

When we receive your check, we will send your EZ Flap immediately by priority mail. We will not deposit your check until the 30 day date.

Install your EZ Flap STC upgrade and fly it for yourself. Get used to it, see how it makes your flap control so much easier and more convenient. Try out some new flap techniques to get a little more performance and capability out of your plane. Finally enjoy sitting upright in the cockpit with no more compromised visibility or situational awareness.

If you are not happy with EZ Flap, simply return it in new condition within the 30 day trial period. Your check will be cut up and promptly returned to you.


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