Hey all you tall or long-armed pilots!
Think the EZ Flap STC won’t benefit you very much?

We dare you to prove us wrong by taking this quick challenge… to see whether tall and long-armed pilots benefit from the EZ Flap upgrade as much as average or shorter pilots!  Ready…

leaning forward2

  • Sit in your airplane with the seat adjusted for your height… flaps zero.
  • Hold the yoke 2/3 aft (to simulate takeoff and landing slow flight).
  • Grab the flap handle with your thumb on the button, but DO NOT deploy the flaps... just hold it at zero

(Photo - holding flap handle in ZERO position)

Now, while you're sitting there for a moment
holding the flaps at zero... HONESTLY ask yourself the following questions …

1) Am I sitting upright in the correct, safe flying position?
2) How is my visibility and “situational awareness” ?
3) Am I leaning on (or too close to) the yoke for safety and maneuvering?
4) If I were landing or taking off right now, would I be able to pay full attention to the terrain, the runway, the obstacles, or other traffic?
5) If I were on a short, demanding strip hard on the brakes, would I have the same directional control and situational awareness as I had when I was sitting upright?
6) If I were taking off in this position, would I be able to "milk" the flaps back up slowly or would I be tempted to rush through it and let the airplane settle?

Sit up straight again, relax, look out the windshield, and now put your right hand just underneath the throttle knob (where the EZ Flap handle will be).... and ask yourself the same 6 questions.


If you can honestly say you don't see a significant improvement by having the flap control in this location (as shown by the photo at right), then you will not  benefit from the EZ Flap STC.

(Photo- using EZ Flap to hold flaps in ZERO position)




Wondering WHY tall pilots benefit the same as short pilots?

Here’s the quick answer: A 7 foot tall pilot will have the seat adjusted much further aft than a 5 foot tall pilot. But their hands are in the same place.

Here’s the long answer : All the controls are at some fixed station in the fuselage…the rudder pedals, the control yoke neutral point, the throttle knob neutral point, the radio knobs, the ignition switch… and the flap handle. Whether you are tall or short, when you move the seat to adjust for your height, all the controls stay the same distance from each other... it's only your butt and torso that moves. The flap control is always 2 or 3 feet below and forward of the control yoke, REGARDLESS of where the seat is.

So when you adjust the seat for your height... you move yourself back to the correct distance from the control yoke - but the flap handle is still 2 or more feet further away down on the floor. It’s always not at the correct distance from the pilot.


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